Domain tracking meter
Domain O Meter
The Domain-O-MeterTM is a free website stats monitor and domain name tracking service. Use it to monitor your traffic on any website or domain, parked or being used for a website. For more info, read the FAQ. Steps:
  1. Create Account
  2. Add code to webpage
  3. Login to see stats
That's it!

Copy and paste the code below into your main webpage, just before the ending head tag (</head>).
The code will pop under a very small (125x125) window when your visitor comes to your page. Just once per visit. The only thing you have to change is change where it says: YOUR-DOMAIN-NAME.COM to your site's name. (DO NOT include http:// or http://www., just the domain name only.) In addition, if you have more than one domain mirroring the same site, on most systems you can use the variable <!--#echo var="HTTP_HOST" --> instead and it'll automatically insert the domain name the person used to get to your site.